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The best websites always seem to be fresh and offer something new.   The cost of website maintenance is something that many people forget to consider when choosing a web designer.  

If you are planning on adding new products, announcements, coupons, testimonials, or photos -- make sure you consider the cost of keeping your site up-to-date.

Never Pay Update or Maintenance Fees!

Our web hosting plans allow our customers to easily make changes. Since you don't pay a designer for updates, you'll save a bundle on update or maintenance fees!

Compare the cost of a typical 5-Page ClickStart Website versus the fees charged by many traditional web design companies.

Cost for a Typical
5-Page Website
Our Price"Budget"
Design Firm
Site Design & Setup$295$500$3500
Monthly Web Hosting* $29.95$14.95$79.95
Monthly Update Fees-None-$35$0
Est. Cost - Year 1$655$1100$4459
Est. Cost - Year 2$360$600$959
Est. Cost - Year 3$360$600$959
Total 3 Year Cost...$1375$2300$6376

* Includes UNLIMITED UPDATES with our content management system

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